Simple work in the garden

Got some simple jobs done today, weeded the vegetable beds, cleared a strawberry bed of weeds/grass and invasive mint (Paul did most of it!).  Sown some more seeds, runner beans, peppers both sweet and hot variety.  And watered all the other seeds/seedlings.

I have updated the planting record here.

Paul mowed the lawns yesterday, and they all look lovely.  He’s been using a petrol hedge cutter to get the hedges looking good, and they look very smart now.

I’ve been deadheading the daffodils as much as possible.  We do have quite a lot of them growing, so I just pull the deadheads off as and when I get a minute.

One of our clematis is starting to flower, tiny white buds, almost ready to bloom.  So I now know that it is an early flowering clematis, and needs to be trimmed and pruned back in June.

All these simple jobs make me happy, I love pottering around out there, looking at the pond, seeing what’s happening in the greenhouse, and identifying all the plants we have growing in the beds.  I’ve identified Poppy plants in the bed near the greenhouse and spotted some pink Bleeding Hearts peeking out under a tree near the pond.

Image result for pink bleeding hearts
Bleeding Hearts


Image result for poppy plant leaves
Poppy leaves are easy to spot, they are spiky and feathery looking.  Can’t wait for the flowers to come up!

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Sowing some seeds…

Today I managed to sow some more tomatoes (Heinz seeds gifted to me by my daughter for Mother’s Day), some spinach, sweetcorn, courgettes and radish.


Radish and Spinach sown 7/4/17



Sweetcorn sown 7/4/17


I noticed that the tomatoes and cucumbers I sowed a week or so ago have started to come up already…

Cucumbers popping their heads up!
Tomatoes sprouting!

I have updated my planting record here, with these new seeds.  Hope to see them sprouting soon.  Next I will be planting my beans I think, and some lettuce.

A new bed, and a busy day!

Today we all got out in the garden and managed to dig over the bed next to the poly tunnel, ready for the other 12 strawberry plants.  There was some old asparagus in this bed which we didn’t want anymore as well as some mint, weeds and other weird looking grassy things.  It took a long while to dig it all over and remove all the stones, and rubbish.

Here’s the bed before:

Here is the bed after!

I am so excited to plant out my 12 strawberry plugs tomorrow!  I think I will add some more mint to the bed too, as there are two very small mint plants left at the back, and I do like mint.

I have also put a net over my strawberry roots that I planted out yesterday, just to keep them safe from birds:

We also have a little robin in the garden  now (from the children for Mother’s day) and a bird feeder (also from the children):


And lastly an update on my lettuces and other veg in the greenhouse.  Lettuces have come up and look very cute in my Beatrix Potter pots, and the cabbage, broccoli and broad beans are sprouting too!  Even the garlic has some shoots forming:


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