Sowing some seeds…

Today I managed to sow some more tomatoes (Heinz seeds gifted to me by my daughter for Mother’s Day), some spinach, sweetcorn, courgettes and radish.


Radish and Spinach sown 7/4/17



Sweetcorn sown 7/4/17


I noticed that the tomatoes and cucumbers I sowed a week or so ago have started to come up already…

Cucumbers popping their heads up!
Tomatoes sprouting!

I have updated my planting record here, with these new seeds.  Hope to see them sprouting soon.  Next I will be planting my beans I think, and some lettuce.


Keeping a planting record

Started a simple planting recorded to keep track of what I have planted and when.

Check it out if you like: Planting Record 2017

Image result for chinese slangen cucumber

An update on how the seedlings all look in April!

So here are some pictures of how my seedlings are looking now on 7th April.

First some tomatoes which I have now moved to the greenhouse and potted onto bigger pots. They went a little bit limp when I moved them out, but seem to be perking up a little now:


Next is my cucumbers, which were getting too big for their pots, or seemed to be anyway, so I have moved them to the greenhouse and potted them onto bigger pots. I hope they survive!DSCF8406


Next is two trays of seeds that I thought were not going to germinate. I was just about to empty them into the compost when I noticed that they were actually starting to sprout above the surface; now a few days later they are getting a little bigger and more of them are appearing! On the left is coriander and on the right is leeks:


Next is garlic and lettuce. Garlic is ready to be planted out and the lettuce is doing nice! Might need to pot this on, or maybe just eat it once it gets a bit bigger!


Next from right to left is: cabbage, brocolli, broad beans and then my lovely courgettes (which are only a few days old!). So pleased with my courgettes!


So that’s it for now. I will update with news of the strawberry plants which are doing ever so well and also my spinach which has come up too. Also my peppers are ready to be potted on… better get on with it very soon!

Bye for now 🙂




Sowing Parsley, Kale, Runner Beans, Onions and Tomatoes

Well today I got back out in the greenhouse and sowed some more seeds:

Parsley (Plain Leaved), Kale (Nero di Toscana), Runner Beans, Onions (Red Baron) and Tomatoes (Tigrella).

I was happy that I got so many done, especially with the children at home and trying to ‘help’!!!  They did some watering and flooded the runner beans, but hopefully they will still be ok!

Pics of the new seeds sown:


Thanks for reading!

Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Peppers!

A quick update on how my cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are all doing!

I am very pleased.  I have about 16 tomato plants!!  5 cucumber plants.  Lots and lots of peppers, which need to be potted on.  They are still indoors too, and I need to think about getting them into the greenhouse, as they are getting bigger now.

Bye for now!

Cucumber progress and Hot Peppers!

My cucumbers are all doing great, can’t believe how nicely they are coming on now.  After a shaky start, when nothing seemed to be happening, they are now looking more promising.  Must of been the spell in the airing cupboard that got them going?!  Well whatever it is, I’m pleased.

Also my tomato seedlings seem to be enjoying their new bigger pots!  They are looking nice and perky.

My cucumber seedlings and tomato seedlings:

And my hot peppers have started coming up too – very happy about this as planted them weeks ago and thought the seeds had rotted.  Seems as though I put a few too many in one of the modules, but I can thin this out.  Just glad there is some activity here at last!

The Hot Pepper seedlings:


Thanks for reading!  And thanks to everyone who has been sharing and liking my posts.

Potting Tomato Seedlings On and more..

Today I took my tomato seedlings in to the greenhouse to pot them on.  Potting on is what you need to do when your seedlings have grown too big for their initial cell/pot.  I chose 12 of the best seedlings and discarded the others, apart from two, which I have left in the greenhouse as an experiment to see if it is warm enough to put the rest of them out there.

My tomato seedlings are now nice and snug in some 3 inch pots of their own.  I only handled the seedlings by the leaves, I did not touch the stems, as that can damage the root system and stem.  The tomato seedlings were then brought back into the kitchen to keep warm.  You should not try to harden off plants on the same day as potting on, so I’ve heard!

I also took a look around the greenhouse to see what was happening.  And there was not much happening to be honest!  I moved my lettuce and coriander into my new mini greenhouse (which is now living inside my proper greenhouse) to give them some extra warmth.  I got the mini greenhouse as a mother’s day present from my little ones.

I then put a cloched hoop tunnel over my remaining seed trays (broccoli, cabbage, broad beans, garlic and leeks), and then put a cloche cover on top of that!  So they have two layers for warmth now.  Once some seedlings start to come through I will then decide whether to remove one layer.

So that’s it, an update on my garden.  All going to plan so far.  My hot peppers have started to come through, and so have my cucumbers.  My normal peppers have not come through at all yet! These are all living in my kitchen until it warms up a bit.

Thanks for reading!

Free seeds and an update on tomato seedlings!

So this morning my Grow Your Own magazine arrived with the post and there was some lovely free seeds on the front: Brocolli, Leeks, Courgettes and Celery (2 packs).  I am very pleased and will be planting them all soon.

I also checked my tomato seedlings, which had been snuggling in the airing cupboard and nearly all of them have popped their heads above the soil!  They are a little yellow though, and I think this is due to the lack of light, so I have taken them out of the airing cupboard and back in front of the window to cheer up a bit.

Some pictures:

A Nice Warm Bed & New Plants!

Some of my little seedlings seemed to be struggling to germinate, so I took them upstairs and into the tank cupboard for the night.  Well, I was so surprised this morning when I saw that two little tomato seedlings had sprung up over night!  I am very pleased.  I am going to leave them in there a little bit longer to see if anymore can come up.  The cucumbers have not come up yet.  I am not sure if they have rotted due to too much water.

And now for the new plants.  My children brought these home from the garden center for me yesterday!  Three little new plants for the garden. Love them!

Some pics:


Tomato Seedlings and Chitting Potatoes!

Just a quick update to show you my tomato seedlings which look like they are doing very nicely.  Two have come up in each pot, with another two seedlings just making their way out of the soil.  Once they get big enough I will re-pot them and give them some more space to grow.  I think all my tomatoes will be living in the green house to keep them safe from bugs and bad weather.  But for now they are in my kitchen where it is warmer.

I also took a look at my potatoes (which I got free from a magazine) this morning to see if there were any shoots appearing and there are a few shoots on each spud!  These need to be left somewhere with natural light, not in the dark, and the shoots will gradually get bigger.  They will be ready to plant out in the spring.  I am going to buy some more as these were just some freebies, but they are worth doing too.

Thanks for reading!

Some pictures: