A Second Strawberry Bed Plus Spinach!

Yesterday, I finished adding a couple of bags of farmyard manure to the second strawberry bed, and got the strawberry plugs in their new homes.  Although, a couple of the plants had had their leaves knocked off in delivery, so I was a bit disappointed about that.  I have planted them anyway, in the hopes that their leaves will regrow and they will still do well.

Pictures of farmyard manure, bed before digging in manure and bed with manure mixed in:


Here are the strawberry plants in their new bed, and I added a net for protection from the birds (there are so many crows around here).  I also sowed a line of spinach at the edge of the strawberry patch.  The spinach seeds were a beautiful blue colour!


I also took some photos of the lovely flowers springing up all over the garden:

Then I went and took a look at the polytunnel and started to wonder what on earth I am going to do with it.  It is a mess!  Sawdust and wood all over the floor and the plastic cover is burned and ruined.  Might need to tear it down and get a new one. Shame really, but it was like this when we moved here.


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A new bed, and a busy day!

Today we all got out in the garden and managed to dig over the bed next to the poly tunnel, ready for the other 12 strawberry plants.  There was some old asparagus in this bed which we didn’t want anymore as well as some mint, weeds and other weird looking grassy things.  It took a long while to dig it all over and remove all the stones, and rubbish.

Here’s the bed before:

Here is the bed after!

I am so excited to plant out my 12 strawberry plugs tomorrow!  I think I will add some more mint to the bed too, as there are two very small mint plants left at the back, and I do like mint.

I have also put a net over my strawberry roots that I planted out yesterday, just to keep them safe from birds:

We also have a little robin in the garden  now (from the children for Mother’s day) and a bird feeder (also from the children):


And lastly an update on my lettuces and other veg in the greenhouse.  Lettuces have come up and look very cute in my Beatrix Potter pots, and the cabbage, broccoli and broad beans are sprouting too!  Even the garlic has some shoots forming:


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Potting Tomato Seedlings On and more..

Today I took my tomato seedlings in to the greenhouse to pot them on.  Potting on is what you need to do when your seedlings have grown too big for their initial cell/pot.  I chose 12 of the best seedlings and discarded the others, apart from two, which I have left in the greenhouse as an experiment to see if it is warm enough to put the rest of them out there.

My tomato seedlings are now nice and snug in some 3 inch pots of their own.  I only handled the seedlings by the leaves, I did not touch the stems, as that can damage the root system and stem.  The tomato seedlings were then brought back into the kitchen to keep warm.  You should not try to harden off plants on the same day as potting on, so I’ve heard!

I also took a look around the greenhouse to see what was happening.  And there was not much happening to be honest!  I moved my lettuce and coriander into my new mini greenhouse (which is now living inside my proper greenhouse) to give them some extra warmth.  I got the mini greenhouse as a mother’s day present from my little ones.

I then put a cloched hoop tunnel over my remaining seed trays (broccoli, cabbage, broad beans, garlic and leeks), and then put a cloche cover on top of that!  So they have two layers for warmth now.  Once some seedlings start to come through I will then decide whether to remove one layer.

So that’s it, an update on my garden.  All going to plan so far.  My hot peppers have started to come through, and so have my cucumbers.  My normal peppers have not come through at all yet! These are all living in my kitchen until it warms up a bit.

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