Simple work in the garden

Got some simple jobs done today, weeded the vegetable beds, cleared a strawberry bed of weeds/grass and invasive mint (Paul did most of it!).  Sown some more seeds, runner beans, peppers both sweet and hot variety.  And watered all the other seeds/seedlings.

I have updated the planting record here.

Paul mowed the lawns yesterday, and they all look lovely.  He’s been using a petrol hedge cutter to get the hedges looking good, and they look very smart now.

I’ve been deadheading the daffodils as much as possible.  We do have quite a lot of them growing, so I just pull the deadheads off as and when I get a minute.

One of our clematis is starting to flower, tiny white buds, almost ready to bloom.  So I now know that it is an early flowering clematis, and needs to be trimmed and pruned back in June.

All these simple jobs make me happy, I love pottering around out there, looking at the pond, seeing what’s happening in the greenhouse, and identifying all the plants we have growing in the beds.  I’ve identified Poppy plants in the bed near the greenhouse and spotted some pink Bleeding Hearts peeking out under a tree near the pond.

Image result for pink bleeding hearts
Bleeding Hearts


Image result for poppy plant leaves
Poppy leaves are easy to spot, they are spiky and feathery looking.  Can’t wait for the flowers to come up!

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Sowing some seeds…

Today I managed to sow some more tomatoes (Heinz seeds gifted to me by my daughter for Mother’s Day), some spinach, sweetcorn, courgettes and radish.


Radish and Spinach sown 7/4/17



Sweetcorn sown 7/4/17


I noticed that the tomatoes and cucumbers I sowed a week or so ago have started to come up already…

Cucumbers popping their heads up!
Tomatoes sprouting!

I have updated my planting record here, with these new seeds.  Hope to see them sprouting soon.  Next I will be planting my beans I think, and some lettuce.

First steps 2017!

This year, I am starting later, and going slower!

My first step is to wash and clean all my pots.  Then I will begin sowing some tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, broad beans, and maybe more!  Hopefully I can get some sowing done tomorrow.

Last year went very well, we had strawberries and  courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins etc.  But I found it hard to keep up with blogging about it all..

Hope to do better at updating this year… lets see how I get on!17349240_10154229188781423_1803518190_o

Sowing Squash, Pumpkins, Garlic and Spinach!

Today I did quite a bit in the garden and greenhouse!

I sowed an extra row of spinach, next to the first row which was sown at the end of March and is coming up slowly but surely!

Sorry, the pictures are not that great, but here are the spinach seedlings, and the blank bit of soil next to them is the bit where I have sowed the new seeds:


Then I remembered I had another lot of garlic to plant, and wasn’t sure if it was too late, so thought I would plant it anyway.  Some of the cloves were soft and slightly mouldy so I threw them away and just planted the rest.  We will see what happens:



Then I decided to get on with sowing some Squash seeds and some Pumpkins:


And then my delivery turned up – with 100 x 3′ pots – which I will definitely be making use of, and 10 black plant sacks (like pots, but sacks) which I am planning to grow my potatoes in.  I am going to line them all up in the poly-tunnel and see what happens.

Well that’s it.  A lot of the seeds that I sowed the other day are now starting to pop up above the soil, so I will give you an update on those soon.

Just before I go: here is a photo of my courgettes!  They look so lovely and cheerful:


Bye for now!

Potting on broccoli seedlings!

Yesterday the time had come to pot on my broccoli seedlings!  They were getting bigger and bigger, and there were quite a lot of them!

So I carefully pricked them out of the soil they were in and started putting them into some small pots that I had.  I did need bigger pots really, but was waiting for them to be delivered, so had to make do!

I ran out of time in the end, as I had another load to pot up the same as that one!  So I had to get those done today.  Phew – all done.  Hopefully they will be happy for a while now.

Bye for now!

An update on how the seedlings all look in April!

So here are some pictures of how my seedlings are looking now on 7th April.

First some tomatoes which I have now moved to the greenhouse and potted onto bigger pots. They went a little bit limp when I moved them out, but seem to be perking up a little now:


Next is my cucumbers, which were getting too big for their pots, or seemed to be anyway, so I have moved them to the greenhouse and potted them onto bigger pots. I hope they survive!DSCF8406


Next is two trays of seeds that I thought were not going to germinate. I was just about to empty them into the compost when I noticed that they were actually starting to sprout above the surface; now a few days later they are getting a little bigger and more of them are appearing! On the left is coriander and on the right is leeks:


Next is garlic and lettuce. Garlic is ready to be planted out and the lettuce is doing nice! Might need to pot this on, or maybe just eat it once it gets a bit bigger!


Next from right to left is: cabbage, brocolli, broad beans and then my lovely courgettes (which are only a few days old!). So pleased with my courgettes!


So that’s it for now. I will update with news of the strawberry plants which are doing ever so well and also my spinach which has come up too. Also my peppers are ready to be potted on… better get on with it very soon!

Bye for now 🙂




Sowing Parsley, Kale, Runner Beans, Onions and Tomatoes

Well today I got back out in the greenhouse and sowed some more seeds:

Parsley (Plain Leaved), Kale (Nero di Toscana), Runner Beans, Onions (Red Baron) and Tomatoes (Tigrella).

I was happy that I got so many done, especially with the children at home and trying to ‘help’!!!  They did some watering and flooded the runner beans, but hopefully they will still be ok!

Pics of the new seeds sown:


Thanks for reading!

End of March update!

I got my potato bed done and popped my earlies in the ground on 28 March – no sign of them yet, but hopefully they will show and not be a complete disaster!!


Here is an update on how everything else was doing at the end of March too:

I planted some courgettes (top 3 pics)
Broad beans starting to grow a bit more (middle 2 pics)Broccoli and Cabbage getting bigger too (bottom 2 pics)


So that’s my little update for the end of March.  Next post will be showing what it all looks like now (7 April) and some more seeds that I have planted etc…

Thanks for reading!

A Second Strawberry Bed Plus Spinach!

Yesterday, I finished adding a couple of bags of farmyard manure to the second strawberry bed, and got the strawberry plugs in their new homes.  Although, a couple of the plants had had their leaves knocked off in delivery, so I was a bit disappointed about that.  I have planted them anyway, in the hopes that their leaves will regrow and they will still do well.

Pictures of farmyard manure, bed before digging in manure and bed with manure mixed in:


Here are the strawberry plants in their new bed, and I added a net for protection from the birds (there are so many crows around here).  I also sowed a line of spinach at the edge of the strawberry patch.  The spinach seeds were a beautiful blue colour!


I also took some photos of the lovely flowers springing up all over the garden:

Then I went and took a look at the polytunnel and started to wonder what on earth I am going to do with it.  It is a mess!  Sawdust and wood all over the floor and the plastic cover is burned and ruined.  Might need to tear it down and get a new one. Shame really, but it was like this when we moved here.


Thanks for reading!