Keeping a planting record

Started a simple planting recorded to keep track of what I have planted and when.

Check it out if you like: Planting Record 2017

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Greenhouse before and after

A few months ago I did get outside, and clear out the greenhouse, which I will admit, I had left in a bit of a horrible mess last Autumn!!!

So here are the before and after photos:

Before the clear-out:


After the clear-out:


I still need to wash down the windows!!! yikes… so much to do.  How do I get into a routine, that’s the question..

First steps 2017!

This year, I am starting later, and going slower!

My first step is to wash and clean all my pots.  Then I will begin sowing some tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, broad beans, and maybe more!  Hopefully I can get some sowing done tomorrow.

Last year went very well, we had strawberries and  courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins etc.  But I found it hard to keep up with blogging about it all..

Hope to do better at updating this year… lets see how I get on!17349240_10154229188781423_1803518190_o