Strawberries take over!

So today I prepared two flower tubs which I was planning to use for my strawberry runners.  However, after roping in the children to help me fill them, I realised they had no drainage holes and was back to square one!


So then I had to think what to do, as I had already put the strawberry plant roots in water to soak.  They needed somewhere to go and quick!

Looking around the garden, I didn’t have any other large containers to fit them, and the only other place was the bed that I had already dug out for my herbs.  So the strawberries have now taken it over.  I filled it with a layer of compost, as my manure has not arrived yet.

Here are the plants soaking:

And here are the plants after planting:

I just hope I have done them right!  The crown of each plant needs to be sitting on the soil, not too far under, and not too far above.  So fingers crossed.  Also, is it warm enough?  Should I cover them?  I have soooo many questions!!! arghh!

Now I just have to find a new place for my herb bed, oh and somewhere to plant the other 12 plug strawberry plants I have!!

Thanks for reading!


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