Gardening Knowledge for FREE!

So, if you want to learn about growing your own veg or flowers, then why not get down to the local library and grab a few books for free!?

The library is one of my favourite places to be, because I am obsessed with books, and I can get them for free there.  I have to avoid Amazon as I will no doubt be tempted to buy something if I go on it.  But with the library you don’t have to worry, as long as you return the books on time.

I have learned an awful lot about growing my own vegetables so far, but have a long way to go, so I took a trip to the library today and got some books:

  1. Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Course
  2. The Gardener’s Year, by Which?
  3. Chicken Coops for the Soul, by Julia Hollander

The chicken book slipped in as an extra fun read, and because I am tempted to get some chickens of my own, but still undecided whether to go for it or not!  Anyone else got chooks?  Do you recommend them?  I’d love to get some, but don’t want to get in over my head!

Thanks for reading!


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