Tomato Seedlings and Chitting Potatoes!

Just a quick update to show you my tomato seedlings which look like they are doing very nicely.  Two have come up in each pot, with another two seedlings just making their way out of the soil.  Once they get big enough I will re-pot them and give them some more space to grow.  I think all my tomatoes will be living in the green house to keep them safe from bugs and bad weather.  But for now they are in my kitchen where it is warmer.

I also took a look at my potatoes (which I got free from a magazine) this morning to see if there were any shoots appearing and there are a few shoots on each spud!  These need to be left somewhere with natural light, not in the dark, and the shoots will gradually get bigger.  They will be ready to plant out in the spring.  I am going to buy some more as these were just some freebies, but they are worth doing too.

Thanks for reading!

Some pictures:


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