Recycled Gardening!

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive.  I use a lot of things from around the house that normally go into the recycling for my gardening.  You can save a lot of money and use things that would normally be going to waste.

Some of the things I use:

  • plastic fruit pots from the supermarket – these are the perfect size for seedlings and they have drainage holes in them already!  They also make mini propagator lids to keep seedlings warm as they germinate.
  • toilet roll tubes – these are perfect for plating onion sets and garlic in.  Cut them in half and they do nicely with some good compost.
  • egg boxes – these are perfect as mini seed trays or for chitting potatoes in.
  • milk bottles/coke bottles – they have numerous uses, from making a mini greenhouse for individual seedlings, to makeshift flower pots, to sticking them on the end of garden canes, creating slug traps etc.
  • lolly sticks – keep for plant labels
  • egg shells, these can be used on the compost, or broken up and scattered on top of the vegetable beds to deter slugs!

Thanks for reading!

Some photos of recycling in use:



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